Ampleforth Hospitality

19 June 2018

An Invitation to University Students

Take Time for Yourself

Give yourself some space to complete assignments, reflect on who and where you are, discern and decide the next step on the journey, or simply give yourself time to be in the beautiful environment of a living monastery.

You are welcome to participate in our daily round of prayer, called the 'Divine Office,' read and ponder in the library or your own room, or walk and wander in the spacious grounds of the Abbey.

There is no specific charge for your stay, but you may contribute according to your means.  You are simply welcome to be here for your own spiritual nourishment and a pause in your pilgrimage of life.

University Chaplaincy Retreats

We are delighted to offer retreats for university catholic societies and groups.  

We have hosted retreats for Sheffield, Leeds, York, Nottingham, Durham and Keele Universities.  The retreats are usually led by a member of the community and provide space to reflect and pray and to have quality time with others from your groups and societies. 

To book please call the Hospitality and Pastoral Office on 01439 766486 or email

What to know what to expect on a university retreat?  

Have a look at this wonderful video courtesy of the students and Chaplaincy at the University of Nottingham.

We hope to welcome you soon!