Ampleforth Hospitality

21 July 2017

Services in the Abbey Church

Everyone is warmly invited to pray with the monastic community at any of the liturgies listed here.

The best entrance is from the North Transept, via the Narthex. If you wish to join the singing, we would ask you do so softly and follow the pace set by the monks. All the Offices are  sung, the cantors alternating with the choir, except at Matins which is sung antiphonally. Guests are asked to arrive 5 minutes before the start of an Office (when the bell goes and the lights go up) and to take their place in Choir quietly – the stalls nearest the High Altar are for guests. At the end of an Office, please allow the monks to leave first.

Priests wishing to concelebrate at the Conventual Mass are kindly requested to provide a celebret less than one year old, in accordance with canon 903 of the Code of Canon Law.

6.00am Matins (6.45am on Sundays)

7.15am Lauds (8.00am on Sundays)

8.45am Conventual Mass (10.00am on Sundays)

1.00pm Little Hour

6.00pm Vespers (at 6.30pm on some Tuesdays; 6.20pm on Sundays, followed by Benediction)

8.15pm Compline (on Fridays in term-time there is Schola Mass at 8.00pm instead)

Live Streaming of Services

You can now share in the prayer of the monks at Ampleforth each day, by listening to a live stream of the Divine Office from this website, at the following page:

The Offices which are available are:

Lauds (Weekdays 7.15am, Sundays 8am)

Vespers (Weekdays 6pm, Sundays 6.20pm)

Compline (Daily 8.15pm)