Ampleforth Hospitality

19 June 2018

Welcome from the Head of Hospitality

On behalf of Fr Abbot and the Ampleforth Community, may I welcome you to our Hospitality website. St Benedict instructs his monks to “welcome guests as Christ himself” and Hospitality has always been an important Benedictine charism.

Writing over 1500 years ago, St Benedict laid down guidelines for receiving guests in his monastery: clearly he expected guests to come, and the experience of monks down the years is that their monasteries always attract guests. At Ampleforth we too offer hospitality in the spirit of St Benedict. Many of our visitors come to join one of the organised retreats or quiet days that you will find described in this Pastoral Programme. Others come to stay on an individual basis, perhaps looking for quiet and rhythm in an increasingly busy, noisy and confusing world.

Taking time away can help us re-focus our priorities. What is this life for? What am I meant to do? How should I live? Who am I meant to be? These are fundamental questions, and the underlie many of the retreats and quiet days that we offer. There is a great variety of offerings, because we are all different. We encounter the Lord in so many different ways: in the Scriptures and in the Sacraments; in other people and in nature; in the deprived and the poor; in times of celebration and in times of stress.

We invite you to take the opportunity offered in this programme to deepen your spiritual life, to grow in love and receptivity, and to develop as human beings fully alive.