Ampleforth Hospitality

19 June 2018

The Abbey Shop

The Abbey shop sells a wide range of spiritual and general interest books, devotional items, monastic produce, CDs, greeting cards and gifts.

Monastic Produce

Ampleforth Abbey Beer

Yorkshire’s Best Drink

Winner of "Best Drink" Award in the Deliciously Yorkshire awards 2012/13

In 1608 a community of Benedictine monks fled England for the safety of France. Determined to make a living for themselves, they began brewing their native beer- 'la biere anglaise'. It was made with hops and barley, then double fermented for strength and a 'champagne-like' sparkle. In 1793, escaping the French Revolution, they fled back to England and eventually settled in at Ampleforth in 1802, and built the Abbey. And today the beer, to a similar recipe, is being brewed and poured again.

The beer can be bought in individual bottles on site at the Abbey Shop or Tea Room. Price per bottle is £2.85.

Ampleforth Abbey Cider

Cameron Smith makes this famous cider on site from our own orchard's apples in the traditional way. The result is our Premium Cider, a strong (8.3%), dry cider, where the final phase of fermentation often takes place in the bottle, making it quite lively! It is best served well chilled. £7.00 for a 1litre bottle. We have now also introduced a slightly sparkling 6.5% cider, £3.25 for a 500cl bottle. It won the Cider World Cup in 2012 and also the Bronze Award in the recent International Cider Challenge, competing against over 100 ciders from around the world.

Ampleforth Cider Brandy

Produced from apples grown in the orchards at Ampleforth and aged in oak barrels for five years, this cider brandy combines traditional monastic skills and modern technology for the highest standards of distillation. The taste is completely dry - somewhere between calvados and grappa. £32.99 for 70cl or £13.99 for 25cl

Ampleforth Apple Liqueur

Our award winning Ampleforth Apple Liqueur is half Ampleforth’s Cider Brandy and half freshly crushed apple juice. The bottle itself is beautiful, making it a spectacular gift. £17.00 per bottle. It was named Yorkshire's Best Drink by Deliciously Yorkshire in 2010/11