Ampleforth Hospitality

19 June 2018

A Quiet Day at Ampleforth

Jesus’ invitation to his first disciples was very simple: “Come and See.” (John 1:39) We are told they stayed with him for the rest of the day, and that it was an encounter which changed their lives.

Each quiet day is an opportunity to do the same thing – to spend time with Christ, to remain in his presence and to discover what he wants for us in our lives.

The day starts at 10:00 am with morning coffee and ends at 5:00 pm.
• There will be a shared exploration of the Word of God.
• This is followed by an opportunity to spend some time in silence, with some written material to help reflection.
• You are invited to join the monastic community for Conventual Mass and Little Hour, and afterwards share a meal as a group.
• After lunch there is some more time for quiet and conversation before coming together as a group at the end of the day to share our experiences and insights.


Wednesday 14 February, Ash Wednesday

Tuesday 19 June

Thursday 20 September

Tuesday 4 December


A suggested donation based on £30.00 per person will fully defray costs, but this is a suggestion only and is left entirely at the donor’s discretion.

How to book:

Please call the Hospitality & Pastoral Office on 01439 766486 or email