Ampleforth Hospitality

19 January 2018

A Chance to Relax and Reflect

Jesus said: “Let us go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” (Mark 6:31)

Private Reflection

We understand that not everyone wishes to share in an organised retreat and we welcome those who wish to come to Ampleforth for a quiet time of private reflection.

Perhaps you would value some time out, some space for yourself, a chance to rediscover a sense of peace and calm. Perhaps you would value an opportunity to have some time to reflect on the direction of your life, and to reconnect with yourself and with God. Perhaps you sense a need simply to be present for a while or to get some well-earned rest.

At whatever point you find yourself in life, you are very welcome to come and to spend some time with us at Ampleforth.

We will provide you with an inviting and comfortable room, with food, with the opportunity to join the Community in prayer, and a beautiful peaceful setting within which to find your centre and renew your relationship with God.

Individual guest charges per person per day are as follows:

Accommodation Basis

En-suite Accommodation

Standard Accommodation

Resident full board



Supper, bed & breakfast



Bed & breakfast



For those who are unemployed or in special need, there is no fixed charge. Any contribution within your means would be welcome.